BWe Sunday Seminars

Sunday, April 8, 2018

12:00 PM – 1:30PM

Raising Children with Special Needs in the African American Community – Room N226
Speakers: Maudlyn Ihejerika, Chicago Sun-Times (Moderator); Dr. Cynthia Pierre, Debra Vines, Geneen Robinson

If you are a parent of a child with special needs, you undoubtedly have bigger challenges to overcome than you ever thought possible. Whether you’re raising a child with various physical, developmental or emotional challenges, we you’ll find strategies in this panel, helpful tools in the areas if schooling, balancing the needs of your disabled child, and coping when your circumstances become too hard This session is a great place to expand your support network. Autism Agency Owner and parents; Facilities Operator and parent; Dr. that services families impacted by Autism.

Calling Things – Room N227B
Speaker: Denise Campbell

Seminar to cover the connection between your words and seeing miracles in your life. There is a direct relationship between your words and the created circumstances you experience. Designed to uncover Power of Your Words, Faith, and Miracles.

How to Break in the Modeling Industry – Room N228
Speakers: Yoshimi Kiosha

This workshop is just valuable information for inspiring actors, talent, and models.  Learn the top modeling agencies and avoid scams from bogus bookers.  The Do’s & Dont’s, Catwalk, etc. Train with YK Management and learn how to start-up your own portfolio today!

Illinois Lottery Presents…#SelfMadeChi – Room N231
Speakers: Chiquita White, Kiwis Boutique; Jennifer Gist, The Frock Shop; Alizabeth Jetter, Bleu Vodka; La’Kiesha Gray Sewell, Girls Like Me; Justnesh

This seminar will feature a panel of all women highlighted during the campaign in a discussion on innovative business tips from A-Z.  Topics will include – how & why you started your business, advice for future entrepreneurs, financial strategies for business owners, creating your winning brand, and much more!  Through these captivating brand stories, we hope to inspire a new generation of leaders, go-getters and entrepreneurs/business owners.

The Wives Talk presents: Marriage Ain’t For Me- Where is the Black Love in the Black Community – Room N229
Speakers: DeLisa New Williams, Kristen R. Harris, Katrina D. RiChard, Kentavia Johnson, Shenita Hunt

Marriage in the Black community is on a rapid decline, especially among millennials who didn’t grow up with positive marital influences or even those millennials who think you can’t have the “bag” and the ring. More and more, we are just settling for “moving in together” versus being “married together.”  In this conversation lead by The Wives, we will discuss navigating the challenges of dating, overcoming negative perceptions of marriage, the power of having marriage and success, the joys of marriage and so much more. The discussion will be seasoned by a dynamic panel consisting of actress and author Katrina D. RiChard (single, never married), educator Kentavia Johnson (single mother) and author Shenita Hurt (divorcee). The goal is get those who have turned away from marriage to reconsider the beauty and power of marriage in the Black community.

Lip Service Live:  An Unfiltered Adult Conversation about Sex & Relationships.
Sponsored by Chicago Department of Public Health
Room N230
Hosted by Angela Yee of The Breakfast Club
Join syndicated radio star Angela Yee and the Chicago Department of Public Health in a conversation on sex and relationships with a special guest

2:00 PM – 3:30PM

Command That Room: Light Up Every Room You Enter and Leave a Memorable Impact – Room N226
Speakers: Peggy Riggins; Conchetta Jones; Dr Frank Vaught

It’s time to grow your business, get that promotion and inspire others around you to achieve excellence!  Join Peggy Riggins and her amazing panel as they share skills to stand out on top using your voice to leave a memorable impact and build larger networks.

The ABC’s of Small Business Start-Up – Room N227B
Speaker: Kristal Anderson, CPA, MBA

Join Kristal V. Anderson, CPA, MBA of Anderson’s Enterprise Management Corp. as she teaches both newly started business owners, as well as those thinking of becoming entrepreneurs the ins and outs to properly starting and operating their new business.

The Black Love Boot Camp – Room N228
Speakers: The Six Brown Chicks, Nolan James, Scott Steward, Lee Moore, Andray Napolez, Jeremy Williams, Charles Dixon, and more!

The Six Brown Chicks present six sexy black men – who love and respect black women – to lead a frank, open-mic conversation about sex, love and relationships.

Ladies…Pick It Up! – Room N229
Speakers: Selena Cherry, Omar Tyree, Shemeka Mitchell, Ni’cola Mitchell

The saying is still used and believed that if you want to keep something from a black person…put it in a book. We’re creating a panel comprised of African-American authors that write to: empower, uplift, encourage and motivate black women through forms of fiction and self-motivation books.  We’re coming together to tell the ladies that we need them and it’s time for them to “Pick It Up.” What is ‘It’ exactly? A book.  This panel will generate a conversation and open up discussions on the importance of black women who read, and why it’s important for them to “Pick It Up.” We’ll speak on the magic that takes place when you’re able to escape into a written world of: knowing your worth, self-love, empowerment, and tapping into strength you never knew you had.

Moving from Awareness to Action: What About You? Don’t Leave Yourself Behind! – Room N231
Speakers: Mary Mitchell, First Lady Monica Moss (Trinity UCC), “Big Mike”, Barbara Bates, Dr. Robin Jones (Rush University Medical Center)

An honest and frank discussion with women about the excuses that plague our ability to care for ourselves.  Ladies this is real life stuff.  Are we going to let the clear lines of racism and disparity tricks us out of living out lives?  You don’t have to die!  Don’t let the imaginary lines that white people have drawn stop you from getting the quality of care that you deserve, and each one of us deserves.


BWe Presents…Black Girl Magic
Understanding Your Value and Power as A Black Woman, and Using It to Run the World
Room N230
Hosted by Remy Ma and Kendra G of WGCI-FM
Ladies!  Let’s talk power and self-esteem in all aspects of life, in this candid conversation with Grammy nominated, multi-platinum selling rapper, Remy Ma and a panel of local female bosses ready to motivate and empower all BWe women!

4:00 PM – 5:30PM

Fifty and Fab: Discovering the Real You – Room N226

Speakers: Rhonda McCullough- Gilmore, wife of the late Bernie Mac, Debra Vinson Burns, Author of Don’t Count Yourself Out: For Women 50 and Over and Cheryl Woodson, M.D. , a successful doctor turned novelist

We live in a society where aging is often frowned upon. But what if I told you that being 50 and older is not a liability, it’s an asset! You still have much to offer! All of those life experiences and years of working have put you in a unique position to reinvent yourself and conquer your destiny! Created uniquely for women 50 and over, the Fifty and Fab: Rediscovering the Real You panel will leave women with a renewed sense of purpose and clarity for the next phase of life! Moderated by Michele Aikens, Founder of Sepia Prime Woman Communications and Consulting, and author of Not Just Any Kind of Woman: The Middle Years, this panel will also feature a host of dynamic women who are mastering their 50’s and owning life on their own terms.  The panel will feature a host of dynamic women who through various challenges and changes including battles with breast cancer, loss of a spouse or child, divorce, job lay-offs, caring for aging parents, empty nest syndrome and more have managed to reinvent themselves and master their destiny beyond the threshold of 50. Women who attend this session will leave empowered to take on the life they’ve already been seasoned and equipped to lead!

What’s Going on With My Hair? – Room N229
Speaker: Crystal Styles

Certified Trichologist Crystal Styles will discuss the Do’s and Don’ts of both Natural and Relaxed hair care. You will discover all of the influences that could potentially be causing your hair loss. Don’t miss it!

Coming Home to Stay! The Truth About Reducing the Recidivism Rate – Room N231
Speakers: Sheriff Dr. Dena M. Williams, Director of Behavioral Health, Religious, and Enrichment Programs; Judge Litricia Payne; Rev. Dr. Traci Blalock-Phillips; and many more!

The answer to The New Jim Crow! Real-talk, hard truths about returning home from incarceration: the needs of the formerly incarcerated; the needs of the children and family; and what the village must do to reverse the evils of the government!

BWe Presents…Bonnet Chronicles Live
Room N230
Hosted by Tami Roman
Join Reality Royalty, Tami Roman of the VH1 Basketball Wives Series, who continues to entertain us with her hilarious social media series, Bonnet Chronicles and her witty clapback’s.  Real Talk Conversation with Tami Roman on all things health, wellness, relationship, and longevity television.  You don’t want to miss this session!