Sunday, April 14, 2019

12:00 PM

Cancer’s Impact on Intimacy and Body Image
Room N226

Speakers: Sheryl Lipari, LPN, Sr. Specialist Clinical Education

Join Walgreens in an intimate conversation regarding people living with cancer and the effects of cancer on body image and intimacy, and to provide strategies and resources to help deal with these issues.

Mirror, Mirror in the Hall…
Room N228

Speakers: Kendra Hogan

This workshop gives its participants the opportunity to dive into the mountain of thought represented in questions; Who are you, who are you reflecting, and Who you are destined to be? The answers are revealed in interactive activities which leads to the decoration of a mirror to take home for continuous affirmation and self-reflection.  We must REMEMBER that we may not be responsible for our pain BUT WE ARE RESPONSIBLE for OUR OWN healing.

How Jewel-Osco Celebrates Black History Every Day
Room N228

Explore the ways in which Jewel-Osco celebrates black history every day from our Taste of Black History programming in its 20th year, to all of the local and black-owned brands on our shelves, to weekly ads featuring these brands, social promotion and demo activity all year round. You’ll hear from these local, black-owned brands like Michele Foods, Mumbo Sauce, and Goode Foods and more, on how they started their companies, and how Jewel-Osco helped play a role!

Increase Your Profits with Tax Saving Strategies
Room N229

Speakers: Nicole Hayes (Pier 31), Yolanda Johnson (Tax Accountants, Inc., Host of Tax Matters Radio Show), Dr. Kenneth Lewis, Sr. (Kenny’s Ribs and Chicken, Dusties Southern Style Buffet, KLS Business Accelerator), David Turner, CPA

Business opportunities have been created due to recent changes as a result of the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act of 2017.  Therefore, one of the greatest opportunities for tax savings is business ownership.  Join our panel of notable business owners and top tax experts for a discussion on how to maximize real possibilities to increase profits using tax saving strategies.  Attendees will participate in an interactive Q&A where they will have the opportunity to dialogue with the panelists and get answers to their business tax questions.

ComEd Energy Efficiency Program
Room N231

Speakers: Sergio Alzate

The ComEd Energy Efficiency Program provides instant discounts, rebates, home and facility assessments, technical services and whole-building solutions to help customers reduce energy use. Learn more at

2:00 PM

Room N226

Speakers: Rochelle Crump; Sharon Buchanan; Nicole Mandeville; Alice Harston; Floretta Strong-Pulley

Join well respected African American Woman Veterans who will cover the basic facts of (VHA) Veterans Healthcare Administration, (VBA) Veterans Benefits Administration, (NCA) National Cemetery Administration. Woman Veterans concerns. VETERANS you have fought for your country, NOW come and learn about your benefits… WAKE UP!

The Williams Presents: Marriage and the Millennial – Is the commitment for ME?
Room N227B

Speakers: Gracefully Blended: Husband and Wife Duo – Entrepreneur, & Speaker, Amielio Williams and Authorpreneur, Speaker, & Media Personality DeLisa New Williams

The Nursery Rhyme says “…first comes love, then comes marriage”, but when is it time to take the next step? Is there even a step that needs to be taken at all? In this conversation DeLisa New Williams aka “The Humbled Wife” is back again this year with another dope topic and she’s brought alongside her husband to bring in the male perspective and keep this marriage momentous wave flowing. Together the Husband and Wife duo will discuss the signs of when a courtship has concluded, building career as well as a family, does pre infidelity lead to post infidelity, and honesty regarding whether women are pushing men to make the “marriage move” that they just might not be ready for. This powerful transparent couple, Amielio Williams and DeLisa New Williams will facilitate a panel discussion covering various topics including a very controversial talk on how to seamlessly blend a family when stepchildren are involved. The conversation will be seasoned by a dynamic panel of an engaged couple, blended family, newlyweds, and R & B singer, songwriter, and producer T.L. Williams and his wife Creative Director Dani Jo Williams. The goal is to inform and inspire millennials that marriage is still worth the commitment, worth the effort, and more importantly worth taking the necessary time to learn more about each other before saying “I do”.

Taking Off the Mask: A Workshop on Black Women’s Pain
Room N228

Speakers: Evelyn Holmes, ABC 7; Marrice Coverson, President/CEO, Institute for Positive Living;  Niva Lubin-Johnson, MD, President, National Medical Association;  Renee Perry-Portee, LCPC, Mount Sinai Health System;       Rev. Gloria J. Randolph, Founder, Giving God the Glory Ministries;  Tiffany Brown Walker, Mental Health Advocate/Founder, Blind Faith;  Evangelist Paulette Holloway Rush, Christian Women’s Expo International

Black Women proudly wear the super woman cape and are raised to show strength and take care of everyone else.  Today’s powerful black women run the gamut from being heads of household to heads of major corporations.  This session will cover a wide spectrum of the emotional and clinical issues causing black women pain – grieving the loss of loved ones from mothers and spouses to children killed in senseless violence; mental disorders and the growing epidemic of black women with dementia/Alzheimer’s, adult attention deficit disorder; surviving child sexual abuse, domestic violence and divorce; and surviving financial blows including bankruptcies, the loss of jobs, savings and homes.

Live Your Best Life 360
Presented by

Room N229

“Live Your Best Life 360!” presented by Illinois Lottery, will explore health and wellness from a 360-degree perspective with a motivational and empowering group of experts – focusing on living a healthy lifestyle Financially, Psychically, Nutritionally, Mentally, and Emotionally.  This seminar will feature a diverse panel of experts in different industries exemplifying a clear connection between health, wellness and happiness.

Fearless Authenticity: Present Your Best Self & Find Your Success!
Room N230A

Speakers: Jeanne Sparrow

Get ready to grab the success you keep reaching for and move past what’s holding you back! Fearless Authenticity: Present Your Best Self & Find Your Success will show you how to uncover your unique value, put it into words and use it to accomplish the goals you’ve been dreaming about! Jeanne Sparrow is a 3-time Emmy-winning television/radio personality, speaker and consultant who helps people become more successful as leaders, salespeople or in life. She believes that words have power that can change lives – and even the world – when you use them with intention and purpose. Discover the power of your words in this session and change your own life!

An Exclusive Showing of the Sexy New Drama
“GAMES PEOPLE PLAY” Executively Produced by Tracey Edmonds
Room N230B


Sarunas Jackson (Marques King from BET’s Games People Play, and ‘Dro’ from HBO’s Insecure) and Parker McKenna Posey (Laila James from BET’s Games People Play; formerly Kady Kyle from My Wife and Kids)

Your Book is Your New Business Card
Room N231

Speakers: Ardre Orie

Have you ever wondered what separates you from the crowd? Is there a story inside of your soul that you want to tell the world?  Do you want to inspire others by sharing your personal testament?  Whether as a business owner or everyday hero, your ability to tell your story is the key to unlocking your success.  Adding the title “Author” to your name makes you a part of an elite group, recognized as industry leaders.  Your Book is Your New Business Card Course will show you how to: Build your brand with a book; Learn the business of writing; Sell your books directly via your own website; Obtaining celebrity endorsements for your content; Build a following; Use our top 14 marketing hacks for Authors; Create A Stream of Residual Income.

4:00 PM

Traveling on a Budget
Presented by The Ultimate Bucket List
Room N226

Speakers: Dr. J. Davis, UBL and a Representative from US Dept of State-Passport Division

Join the Ultimate Bucket List Travel Series all weekend long at The Black Women’s Expo.  Learn how to travel on a B.U.D.G.E.T! Get tips on using travel search engines and mobile applications, learn more about luxury travel destinations worth checking out, tips on how to plan the ultimate family reunion, wedding and group destination and take the opportunity to fill out your Passport Application and take your photos on-site! Attendees will play interactive travel games to participate in the Ultimate Bucket List Drawings held throughout the weekend for daily BWe Prize Giveaways.

Cannabis Legalization & Equity Town Hall
Room N227B

Speakers: IL Rep. Sonya Harper, IL Sen. Mattie Hunter, IL Rep. Marcus Evans, Jr, IL Rep. Carol Ammons; Edie Moore, Executive Director Chicago NORML (black dispensary owner and policy advocate), Justin Staples, Revolution Cannabis (IL medical cultivator), Dan Pettigrew Founder & CEO Viola (country’s largest black owned cannabis company)

It is reported that by legalizing marijuana, Illinois will realize sales of $224 million by 2022.  There is a huge opportunity for African Americans to gain significantly.  State elected officials will take a deep dive into the legislation to legalize marijuana, discuss the equity recommendations and answer any questions.  In addition, on-hand will be a black dispensary owner and policy advocate as well as the country’s largest black owned cannabis company, all to raise awareness of the huge opportunities that exist for people of color in the Cannabis industry.

Advocacy for Autism
Room N228

Speakers: Senator Kimberly A. Lightford; Senate Majority Leader; Senate Legislative District 4th; Debra Vines, CEO of The Answer Inc of Autism Awareness & Support Agency; Commander Tom Kostka, Broadview Police Department Administrative; Shirley Perez, Program Director of The Arc Ligas Family Advocate Program; Jose Ovelle, Executive Director of Grupo Salto

The panel discussion gives a clear understanding of advocacy from the standpoint of parent with a low functioning adult child, parent with a high functioning child, Legislator and Law Enforcement.

Six Brown Chicks Present: Explorgasm 2: Snapback Season!
Presented by The Six Brown Chicks
Room N229

Round 1: Live your best sex life ever in this women-only session where sex and intimacy experts will discuss sexual wellness, pleasing your partner, vaginal rejuvenation techniques, toys to curl your own toes, and achieving the big o (orgasm)! Round 2: Lap dance class for all sizes. (Adults only 18+).


Conversation with Psychic Medium Susan Rowlen
Room N230A
Speakers: ”Susan The Psychic”

Kendra G will conduct an interview with “Susan The Psychic” about her Psychic abilities.  They will discuss when Susan first started to realize she had this gift and how she cultivated it to help others.  She will also talk about intuition and teach the audience on how to listen to its guidance more often.  Also, 5 lucky individuals will have a chance to get free readings! When people enter the seminar room, they will be given a number or raffle ticket.  5 people will be selected and will have a chance to get an on the spot free reading from “Susan The Psychic”.

Just Speak It!
Room N231

Speakers: Evangelist Ingrid E. Bridges

This gathering of believers will experience a new fire within their souls as God has His way…. this is a prophetic move of God. Learn how to empower your future by speaking life in to fruition. Hear Evangelist Ingrid E. Bridges prophesy what thus says the Lord as the Holy Spirit speaks… Join this empowering session on declaring and decreeing your deepest desires and hear what the universe has in store for you!